Since many of you regularly ask about the products I use, I’ve compiled a list of all my “go-to’s”, and put them all in one place for you! Below, you’ll find a list of my personal favorites, and a direct link you can use to purchase the exact items I use.

When it comes to art, I reallllly believe the materials you use can make or break the experience. For years, I didn’t allow myself to invest in the good quality stuff, which led me to produce sub-par results. But when I finally got my hands on the good stuff, that’s when I really began to blossom as an artist, and fell even more in love with art. So do yourself a favor, and give the good stuff a try! I understand finances are a concern for many, so that’s why I often turn to Amazon for the best deals, and to use the full benefits of my Prime membership!

(Note: I always read reviews before purchasing on Amazon, because there are sometimes counterfeit products, but these products I’m recommending are well reviewed, and tested by yours truly.) If there’s anything I haven’t listed, but you’re curious about what I use, feel free to comment below, and I may add it to the list!

Calligraphy Favs

Modern Calligraphy Booklet - If you’re new to this “calligraphy” thing and want to get the best start possible, I’ve compiled everything (from brush to nib) in this sweet little booklet for ya!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen (Black) - This is one of the pens recommended with my Brush Calligraphy Starter Kit, and my go-to for large brush lettering. Great to have on hand for almost any project!

Pentel Sign Brush Pen (Black) - Another “must” for brush lettering, and the best for small writing projects, such as place cards and envelopes.

Nib Holder - If you don’t already have a nib holder, this is a great first choice. And it comes with a pack of Zebra G nibs, which are great starter nibs!

Nikko G Nib - One of the best nibs for beginners. Easy to use, and produces a great result.

Brause Steno (Blue Pumpkin) Nib - Another great one for beginners. Easy to use, produces a little thicker of a downstroke, and requires a little more ink.

Dr Ph Martin’s Gold Ink - My fav gold for dip pen!

Dr Ph Martin’s Bleedproof White - Hands down… the best white ink! Make sure you google how to use it before your first use… you’ll understand why when you open it :)

Sumi Ink - This is a great one for black ink. A staple for calligraphers.

Rhodia Dot Pad - I love this paper for calligraphy, and it’s a great pad for practicing, as there is a faint guide of dots throughout.

All Things Watercolor

Watercolor Basics Booklet - If you’re just getting started with watercolor, and have NO idea what you’re doing, you’re not alone! I was completely lost when I first began, so I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned along the way in one little booklet to get you off on the right foot!

Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper - I looooove the texture of this paper, and the way it adds texture to my paintings. It does tend to dry quickly, which is either a pro or con, depending on how you work.

Legion Stonehenge CP Watercolor Paper - This paper is a little less textured, and still some of my favorite to work with. The less texture gives a little more time before paint dries.

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor - This kit (while a little pricey) is a GREAT deal for the variety of colors you get, and the quality of paint. Depending on your frequency of painting, this can last you up to a year, and you will be amazed at the results with professional level watercolor paint. (If you’re just looking for a few colors to purchase separately to get started, I recommend Scarlet Lake, Prussian Blue, Olive Green, Lemon Yellow Deep, Opera Rose, Magnesium Brown, and Ivory Black.)

Princeton Heritage Watercolor Brushes - A variety of sizes are great to have on hand, and I prefer round brushes. But I recommend at least starting with size 6 and size 16.

Travel Watercolor Palette - A palette like this is a great way to keep your watercolor paint no matter where you want to take it. It’s easy to fill as certain colors get low, and stores well.

Ceramic Watercolor Palette - This palette is not as travel-friendly, but a beautiful addition to your workspace, and perfect for mixing colors.

Other Essentials

Laser Level - I use this almost every time I work! It’s a super quick way to make a straight line without having to draw a line or pull out a ruler. Pair this with some graph paper underneath, and you’re in business!

DecoColor Paint Pen - This is my go-to paint pen, when a dip pen just won’t cut it. Whether my client wants a cleaner line look, or the surface I’m writing on simply won’t allow for a dip pen, these are the best!

Folk Art Acrylic Paint - I often work with acrylic paint in instances that I can’t use watercolor (like for painting graduation caps or jackets, etc.) I’ve found Folk Art to be one of the best for coverage, and love that this pack comes with a wide variety of colors I use all the time!

Pantone Formula Guide - This is a MUST if you are designing things for print. Pantone is the universal language of designers and printers, and ensures you are talking about the same color, regardless of how it appears on your screen ;)

If you aren’t already an Amazon Prime member, I HIGHLY recommend it. I use Amazon for everything from art and office supplies, to home essentials, and it is so convenient! And you can give it a try for 30 days for free, using the link below!